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Beyond money mindset.

Do you want to create the kind of abundance in your business that allows you to feel SAFE & FREE? Six (or multiple six!) figures at 20 hours a week, work from the beach, eight weeks a year vacation kind of abundance?

Deep down you might know your desires are your destiny, but you keep hitting the same money blocks over and over. Like the money thing keeps getting in the way.

Maybe you've tried manifesting, you've said affirmations until you're blue in the face, you've tried all the money mindset tools, and they all worked, a little bit, for a little while, but you just keep hitting the same patterns of scarcity, stress, and overwhelm when it comes to money.

If that's you, it's time to move BEYOND money mindset into the deeper realm of healing your relationship with money and making abundance safe to experience in your nervous system.

It’s time to heal your relationship with money so you can call in the abundance you desire.

When you do the root cause work to heal and integrate what created your money blocks in the first place, there's no mindset shift required!

Abundance is your birthright. It's your natural state of being. Money is meant to be easy. To support you giving and thriving in your best gifts. When you heal your relationship with money at a root cause level, abundance happens naturally.

I’m here to help.

I’m Jane Ysadora - a trauma-informed coach, spiritual teacher, and speaker who helps coaches, practitioners, and entrepreneurs all over the world heal their money blocks at a root cause so they can manifest abundance and step into the life of fulfillment, freedom, impact, and financial security that they truly desire.

Services I offer

Wild Prosperity

The safest, biggest-hearted, most abundant place on the internet for coaches, practitioners, and entrepreneurs. Heal your money blocks at the root. Heal hidden trauma holding you back. Step into the wildly prosperous life you're meant for. Click here to learn more.

1-on-1 Coaching

This is for high performers who are ready to go from “good” or “good enough” to a brilliant, vibrant level of alignment that leaves you singing arias in the shower about how you never knew life could be this good. When you apply for this, be ready to do the deep work and get the GOOD STUFF.

Space is extremely limited. Email hello@janeysadora.com to inquire.

Wild Prosperity Podcast

Weekly content to help you create a beautiful relationship with money, heal the emotional trauma that blocks abundance, and create the kind of business that makes your soul proud and your bank account prosperous! Click here to listen.

"Jane's approach to manifesting is very different from what you’ll hear anywhere else. I believe it’s the missing piece to creating the life you desire & helping you achieve your financial goals."

— Angela Accomando, End the Hustle podcast

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