abundance transformation

I can help you transform your relationship with money so you can create the abundance you truly desire and THRIVE in your life!

I get it. You want abundance to show up easily. You want to know that money will support you in manifesting your deepest desires. You want the joy of knowing money is always there for you. You want the life of ease and prosperity that deep down you know is possible, and you want to feel wildly fulfilled while doing it.

Instead of living that powerful prosperous life, are you always struggling with money? Does even thinking about money make you feel like you can’t breathe? Like you’ve done something wrong?

Maybe you run always out too soon, can’t seem to manifest quite enough, and you aren’t sure just what to do with the money you do call in. Maybe you can’t help but overspend, or under save, or find yourself meeting others’ needs so often that there is nothing left for you. Do you fight with your partner about money or feel so anxious about how to make ends meet that you can’t enjoy your time with your kids? Maybe you make ok or even good money, but you know more is possible for you.

I bet you’ve tried everything when it comes to manifesting. You’ve probably seen The Secret, watched your thoughts like a hawk, and repeated affirmations until you are blue in the face.

Maybe you’ve even had some success manifesting money, but before long found yourself right back in the same money struggle.

Perhaps you’ve even tried various budgeting tools and put all your money in envelopes or in a spreadsheet or frozen your credit cards in water, but at the end of the day, you still feel stuck & out of control with your money.

You still know more is possible.

Does money have you feeling frustrated and overwhelmed? Maybe you see others having success with the Law of Attraction and wonder if something is wrong with you? Or like there’s a money gene that some people have and some people don’t?

When all you really want is to create the life you know deep down is possible for you.

To know that, no matter what, all your needs are met. To create and receive the abundance you know the Universe has in store for you if you could only unlock it. To live a money life full of JOY, FREEDOM & PURPOSE.

I wanted the exact same thing.

My money journey started when I was 27 years old and my husband left me with two small children and no income. I wanted to give my kids a childhood they would be proud of. I wanted to live my full potential. I wanted a life full of joy.

But I was so mired in financial stress I couldn’t think about anything else.

I just wanted more money, but the truth is, money terrified me. I would go to the grocery store and pray my card would go through because I was too scared to look at my bank account. I worked too much but still couldn’t afford to take care of myself.

I tried manifesting. I read Abraham-Hicks, I said my affirmations, I journaled, I pulled tarot cards, I learned spells, I read money books. I tried everything. And all of them worked. A little bit. For a little while. But nothing seemed to make a lasting change. I felt so frustrated.

I felt like a failure.

Yet deep down, I knew it was possible to not only feel great about money but to create more than enough of it for everything I wanted and needed. I knew prosperity and purpose were my true destiny.

Luckily I listened to that voice inside and kept going. When I finally found the right help, I tapped into and healed my money blocks at the root. This allowed me to easily double my income year after year and create sustainable prosperity.

More importantly – my money life feels EASY. Joyful. Free.

That’s why I created the Abundance Transformation program. So you can quickly clear your money blocks and finally manifest the wealth and life you desire.

I’m passionate about helping you go from money stress and feeling stuck to abundant joyful living because I know how bad an unhealed relationship with money feels. When you are stuck in money panic –  working too hard, not able to save money, not having any time or money left over for yourself – you can’t enjoy your life. Getting the money thing right solves so many problems and creates massive freedom in your life. It is my great joy to help you create the abundant and prosperous life you deserve.

Does this sound like you?

  • You want to feel good about money knowing you can always create and receive more.
  • You want consistent prosperity – not just here one day, gone the next money.
  • Maybe you secretly dream of having six months of savings in the bank and taking multiple vacations a year.
  • Are you wary of yet another “manifesting” program?
  • Do you still find yourself wondering why manifesting hasn’t worked for you long term?

What if the life you dream about really is possible?

What if you knew exactly what to do with the money that came to you? How good would it feel to not only be able to generate prosperity, but to know exactly how to save, spend, and invest the money you create?

Perhaps that would all feel even more glorious if along the way you were able to tap into and own your deep desires, feel connected to your heart and your body, learn to listen to the voice of your soul all while getting closer to your loved ones and feeling amazing about your money!

What if money could be your friend?

Together we can:

Create a life aligned with your deep desires & filled with plenty of time for family, love, joy, & purpose.

Transform your money blocks so you can radiate abundance.

Create a personalized money plan that actually works to give you peace of mind and confidence with your money.

If this sounds like you, click the button below to apply now and schedule a complimentary discovery call.

On our call, we’ll discuss your needs and goals, how I can help you get there, and the investment. This is a customized program that meets you where you are at now to help you get to the next level of abundance and freedom. I only work with a few clients at a time.

The Abundance Transformation program is unlike any manifesting or money management program out there. No other program focuses on identifying and transforming the root of what is keeping you stuck with your money and blocking your manifesting. If you don’t clear your money blocks, the law of attraction can’t work!

If you’re not used to putting yourself first, taking the time and space to get support on your money journey so you can create lasting prosperity can feel a little strange. But if you had a wonderful, abundant relationship with money, how would your life change? What would be possible for you?

When you heal your money relationship, you not only create prosperity, you create time. Time for the people you love. Time to make an impact in the way you want. Time to enjoy your life.

Because this program is individually customized to you, we can make progress together fast and accelerate you into your dream life in a way nothing else can.

I have never felt richer or more joyful than in my work with Jane.”

– Gina Angelini

Starting a non-profit, starting a business, buying myself jewelry – all profoundly positive and transformative experiences I would not have had without Jane’s guidance.

– Amanda Jackman

Jane has helped me realize how powerful I am. I have found so much peace and freedom.”

– Keisha Florence

The truth is, the prosperity you desire really IS possible for you and you can do great things with it. I am passionate about helping you transform your relationship with money so you can finally receive the abundance you truly deserve. So you can live the life you know deep down you are destined for. So you can have so much joy you can’t help but give it away. So much freedom to live the life of your dreams.

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I can’t wait to talk to you.


Jane Ysadora