Wild Prosperity

Heal your money blocks, manifest greater business income, & step into ABUNDANCE.

I get it.

You long for the life that deep down you know is possible. A fully booked business. Six (or multiple six!) figures a year, vacation anytime you want, FREEDOM to work when you want, with who you want, from where you want, all while living a life that feels SOUL level SATISFYING.

Like you're doing what you're meant to do. Like money is your friend and supports you every step of the way. Like you're fulfilling your destiny and like the Universe loves the ever-living heck out of you.

I bet you KNOW you have mad skills as a coach, practitioner, or entrepreneur, and you REALLY want to make an impact on the world and help others, but your money stress gets in the way of giving your best gifts to your full capacity & experiencing the abundance that follows.

Instead of living that powerful, prosperous, FREE life, are you stuck in anxiety, stress, overwhelm, or freeze?

Maybe you're living client to client, can't seem to generate enough money to leave your soul-sucking job, or provide for yourself and your family the way you really want to. Do words like overspending, underearning, & debt cause your gut to sink and sweat to start beading on your temples? Maybe you've even questioned if you are meant for this & wondered if you should just give up and go back to a job.

Do you ever wonder if maybe money just doesn't like you, the Universe for sure does not have your back, and your dreams just aren't possible?

Maybe you've tried manifesting, said affirmations until you're blue in the face, tried all the money mindset tools, separated your money into envelopes, put yourself on endless financial diets, bought less coffee out, tried tapping and hypnosis, etc., etc., etc. And they all worked, a little bit, for a little while, but you just keep hitting the same patterns of scarcity, stress, and overwhelm when it comes to money and generating the kind of income you deeply desire in your business.

Deep down you might know your desires are your destiny, but you keep hitting the same money blocks over and over. You know you're meant for more, but the money thing keeps getting in the way.

I felt the exact same way.

My money journey started 15 years ago when I became a single mom very suddenly with two small children and no income. I wanted to give my kids a childhood they would be proud of. I wanted travel. I wanted a life full of joy. I wanted to live my PURPOSE.

But I was so mired in financial stress I couldn’t think about anything else.  

I just wanted more money, but the truth is, money terrified me. I would go to the grocery store and pray my card would go through because I was too scared to look at my bank account. I worked too much but still couldn’t afford to take care of myself.  

I tried manifesting. I read Abraham-Hicks, I said my affirmations, I journaled, I pulled tarot cards, I learned spells, I read money books. I tried everything. And all of them worked. A little bit. For a little while. But nothing seemed to make a lasting change. I felt so frustrated. 

I felt like a failure.

Yet deep down, I knew it was possible to not only feel great about money but to create more than enough of it for everything I wanted and needed. I knew prosperity and purpose were my true destiny.  

Luckily, I kept going.

I listened to that voice inside that told me I was meant to make an impact and be wildly prosperous doing it.

I spent years going deep into emotional healing, the science of manifesting, and financial wellness. I tapped into and healed my money blocks at the root. I learned that for manifesting to really work - first, you have to heal what's blocking it. This powerful knowledge changed my life. I stepped out of fear and overwhelm and into abundance beyond my wildest dreams.

Now, I help people all over the world do the same thing.

I believe you're meant for abundance and impact too.

I think those dreams are in your heart for a reason. I think you are meant to give your best gifts and help a lot of people. I think you have an incredible heart. I think when you heal your money blocks and make money, visibility, receiving, and impact safe in your nervous system those 10k (or 20k or 30k or 88k) months are going to be a SLAM DUNK for you.

But it's not just that I think it, it's that I've seen this work change the lives of my clients over and over again. Amazing, big-hearted, gifted humans just like you have gone from scarcity, fear, and overwhelm to freedom, prosperity, and impact.

From feeling like money doesn't even like them to having a relationship with money they can trust. One they can lean on. Knowing that if they show up the right clients will come at the right time. That their growth is inevitable. That their best gifts have a home in this world and they can be wealthy giving them.

If you're ready to go from stress, anxiety, and overwhelm to abundance, ease, and flow, it's time to move BEYOND money mindset into the deeper realm of healing your relationship with money and making abundance safe to experience in your nervous system. The root cause approach changes everything.

Abundance is your birthright. It's your natural state of being. Money is meant to be easy. Money is meant to support you giving and thriving in your best gifts. When you heal your relationship with money at a root cause level, abundance happens naturally.

That's why I created Wild Prosperity

The safest, biggest-hearted, most ABUNDANT container in the world for coaches, practitioners, and entrepreneurs.

So you can heal your money blocks, create WILD abundance, and make the impact you were born for.

"Jane's approach to manifesting is very different from what you’ll hear anywhere else. I believe it’s the missing piece to creating the life you desire & helping you achieve your financial goals."

— Angela Accomando, End the Hustle podcast

Wild Prosperity is wildly different.

No more saying affirmations and feeling like you're lying. No more fake it till you make it. No more making yourself wrong for not having the right, "money mindset." No more feeling like something is wrong with you because you struggle with scarcity.

Just deep root cause healing in a container of beautiful like-minded souls who want to see you heal, thrive, and become wildly abundant in your gifts.

Wild Prosperity is the ONLY year-long, trauma-informed, root-cause money healing and manifesting program of its kind.

Deep abundance requires a deep container.

When I designed Wild Prosperity I wanted to create a space for you that is wildly abundant in its structure. A place where you'll have more than enough support, more than enough community, more than enough mentorship, more than enough deep healing of what's been blocking your impact and abundance so you can step into the MORE THAN ENOUGH LIFE that you were born for. (Because believe me, the money stuff goes DEEP!)

3 month deep-dive small group immersion.

In this immersive season, we'll meet once a week for 12 weeks in group coaching with your small group cohort, so you can get to the ROOT of your money blocks and release yourself from stress, anxiety, and overwhelm in a deeply supportive container with your new soul tribe.

9 more months of integration and support.

Following your deep dive immersion with your small group, you'll join the Wild Prosperity community for monthly group coaching calls, drop-in bonus teachings, coworking hours, and more. This time is to integrate and apply everything you learned in your immersion. All in the power of community and with support.

A full year to heal what's holding you back.

Your WHOLE LIFE can change with an entire year of healing the root cause of your money blocks, learning to manifest abundance in your business in a trauma-informed way, and being in the company of other big-hearted world changers. Let's do it together.

Bonus: Rewire Your Nervous System for Abundance

This deep dive self-study course into how money interacts with your nervous system will give you a plethora of daily tools to create safety in your body around money, your business, and success. Instantly move up the emotional ladder to a state of higher vibration while befriending your nervous system.

Space is limited!

If you are ready to join this incredible movement of heart-centered humans making a big impact on the world & heal your money blocks to step into abundance, I urge you to apply now.

If Wild Prosperity is the right fit for you, I'll answer all your questions, including the investment.

Don't wait. The world needs you. You were born to give your best gifts and experience WILD abundance giving them.

Join the waitlist today and you'll be first to know when Wild Prosperity opens.

Working with Jane, I've been able to double my income.

I've been able to make some really big, important decisions in my life and my business that had really immobilized me before this. With the support of someone like Jane, it makes it a pleasure to do these things. And to celebrate these wins, like making more money, like making the decision to do the thing that I've wanted to do for so long, but was afraid to.

I've implemented really great, tactical money strategies that focus on things like debt or starting to build savings or do the things that I want to do and understand how those things are financially achievable. And that's a lot of the fun work that can come after this deep understanding of how what's going on inside of me is starting to manifest in the world, and how the decisions that I make are becoming the life path that I'm leading.

My life has done a 180 in just a few short months.

- Derek MacDonald, Entrepreneur & Film Maker

Before working with Jane, I had a lot of deep sadness that I felt in my body. I was burnt out and undercharging in my business, and I had a deep desire to work with Jane that was almost unexplainable.

Some of the biggest a-ha moments I've had working with Jane have been seeing manifestation in a completely different way and experiencing how manifestation is truly a healing process.

Working with Jane has allowed me to process my feelings, heal my wounds, and stretch my belief in myself. It has allowed me to feel supported in so many ways, especially as a new business owner.

My life has changed tremendously. I moved out of my family's house and I live in a high rise in Atlanta, Georgia.

Also, I immediately increased my monthly income by $5k. Every month has been a 5 figure month. I have completely surpassed my income goals.

- Nicole Perkins, Inner Voice Coach

Before I began working with Jane, life felt really hard. Everything felt really, really difficult.

It just felt like there was always this weight sitting on my shoulders that I didn't know how to get out of. There was a loss of some happiness and joy because I wasn't fully appreciating what I was doing to provide for myself.

My biggest struggle was, I think not asking for what I'm worth, not recognizing or appreciating what I'm worth or being comfortable with asking for what I was worth.

I think I have an aha moment every single time I work with Jane. Like it's okay to ask for my worth. It's okay to live in that. The other is just that I know now that I can get out of debt, that I can do this, and that I can build the kind of life that I deserve, and live in abundance without fear of that security being taken away from me.

Working with Jane has helped me become more confident. Also, we really dive deep into healing work. Maybe I've done some healing before, but not to that level. The self-confidence and self-worth gain is huge. Rewriting the stories and the messages that I received growing up, so that the adult me is now in charge and living my life.

- Lanita England, Mindfulness Coach

Working with Jane has been this miraculous homecoming to self, to self-love, to alignment, to support that I never really knew that I needed.

I thought for a long time that I could do everything on my own, but it turns out that I was wrong. Having Jane in my corner for support and growth, I am now at a place in my life where I couldn't really have dreamed of.

I quit my job. I've fully stepped into my soul calling and have a coaching practice that I'm proud of, that is expanding. Last month I met my revenue goal and really the place in growth that I've come to is just... It's so deep in my heart and I couldn't really have gotten to this point without Jane.

I know that there's so much more in store for me and I know that without the support, I wouldn't have been able to move forward and to unblock. I feel so much love in my life. My relationships have deepened. My relationship with myself has deepened. I'm calling in my soulmate as we speak.

Again, the support that I have been given and I have learned to receive has really been monumental in my life.

- Lilli Bewley, Dating Coach

Before working with Jane, I was searching for opportunities to level up in all areas of my life — work, finances, and relationships.  I didn’t have a clear vision of what I wanted, nor how to achieve it.  Somehow, I was always able to find a reason not to pursue opportunities, or take a risk and trust myself. 

Working with Jane has opened up a deep space of discovery for me.  I have been able to find the sources of my obstacles; of the reasons why I stop things partway through.  I am able to dig deep into my wounds and truly explore them, all while being held in a safe environment with Jane. 

Since starting coaching with Jane, I have launched 2 small businesses that nurture the creative and spiritual parts of my soul, I have created a female empowered online community that allows my voice to be shared, and I have truly begun to love myself just as I am.  My relationship with money has also started to heal, and I am able to come from a place of abundance instead of lack.

This was a game-changer for me, and I have Jane to thank.

- Sandeep Parhar, Hair & Makeup Artist

Before working with Jane I was facing lots of limiting beliefs, lots of insecurities, I think, confidence and self-esteem, self-worth, all of that big bundle of things that have held me back my entire life.

I was struggling with moving forward, trying to find a new career path or add a career to my current job situation. That was the main thing. And with some money issues. I wanted to really work out a lot of avoidance with money.

Jane helped me get out of debt. And I also feel really good and abundant about being where I am. I don't feel like there's a block anymore.

I've learned that I am creative. I never felt like I was, or I never felt confident or comfortable stepping outside of my current comfort level to experience being creative. So, the support for me doing that has been really beneficial.

Jane's very supportive. It's been so worth it. The support along the way is something you can't even explain to anybody else, I don't think. Jane is very good at helping you feel supported, just every tiny little step of the way. It's not anything I've ever experienced before. It's amazing.

- Twyla Loewen, Self-Worth Coach

Before I was working with Jane, I really felt aimless. And I know there were areas of my life that could be taken to the next level. I just didn't have a roadmap or a path or a guide to get there.

There was a lot of exhaustion. I was hustling a lot, working a lot, juggling a lot, and never really felt like I was getting anywhere. So treading water, spinning wheels and I just knew there had to be another way.

Intuitively and deep down I knew there was a shift that had to happen, spiritually, monetarily, just the way I looked at my life and what was possible for me.

Working with Jane has really helped me in many ways, but I'd say the number one thing is, I'm okay. And even I'm more than okay, it's recognizing and honoring my past experiences and the trauma that I lived through and knowing there is strengths in those parts of me, they don't need to be fixed or changed. They're more like, let's witness them and love them and integrate them into my whole being because that's where my gifts are.

And so working with Jane's really helped me see the things that I've lived through in my past really are laying the path to my future and how I get to serve others.

And I've never been more clear about that and more confident, and I am stepping more and more every day in every session with her into unshakable courage that I'm on my way.

I'm on the right path, I've got everything I need already. And it's really, I don't even know if I have words, as a writer to have a loss of words, it speaks volumes of the transformation that's possible here.

- Adra Benjamin, Relationship Guide

The truth is, the prosperity you desire really IS possible for you.

And you can do great things with it. I am passionate about helping you transform your relationship with money so you can finally receive the abundance you truly deserve. So you can live the life you know deep down you are destined for. So you can have so much joy you can’t help but give it away. So much freedom to live the life of your dreams.

I can't wait to connect with you.



Jane Ysadora

Jane Ysadora is an international trauma-informed coach, spiritual teacher, and speaker who helps coaches, practitioners, and entrepreneurs all over the world heal their money blocks, manifest greater business income, and become spiritually and financially abundant.